Action, Not Just Explanation on US Visa Backlog

For five countries with a huge backlog – and therefore – long waiting period for the 3rd Preference Employment-based category, explanation as to why there is a long wait should also include options: if not in the United States then in other countries where the affected professional or skilled worker may be able to migrate or become a permanent resident.

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Action, Not Just Explanation on US Visa Backlog
Posted on July 14, 2011

A profitable detour – if you will – before proceeding to the US of A.

Action 1:  Canada has a list of priority occupations and those whose occupations are on the list must act now.  Last year, there was a 20,000 quota for all 20 occupations.  This year, the quota was reduced to half: only 10,000. And instead of 1,000 limit per occupation, the 2011-12 quota is 500 per occupation.  You can check the list on this site.  In addition, each province and territory in Canada has its own Provincial Nominee Program where an applicant who may not qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program may get residency.  Another route is the Canadian Experience Class for a student or worker in Canada who has worked or studied for a specific period of time.

Action 2.  Australia has fine-tuned its migration program, publishing the new Schedule of Occupations List (SOL) July 2011.  The list is known as Schedule 1. Those on the list could apply or lodge their permanent residency applications, including professionals such as registered nurses, PTs, pharmacists, engineers, etc.  On top of this, each State or Territory has its own Migration Plan and its own list of occupations that may be sponsored by the specific State or Territory.

Action 3.  New Zealand also has published changes to its Skilled Migration and Student to Work to Resident categories.  Until April 2012, students who complete a one-year diploma course could still be eligible to get a one-year job search visa and once an offer of employment is obtained, apply for permanent residency.  NZ has the best, fastest and cheapest student to work to resident – for genuine students that will take up courses and obtain qualifications for professions and skilled workers that New Zealand needs.

Action 4.  The United Kingdom may have published restrictions to its student and work programs (Tier 4 and Tier 2 respectively, but for genuine students and for High Value Migrants or workers who may switch status from Tier 2 or 4 to Tier 1 or other categories eligible for settlement benefits afer 5 years, the window and door to migration to UK – and Europe remains a reachable option, especially to those who have already relatives and close friends in the land of William and Kate.

Action 5.  The US of A has a huge need for healthcare workers.  Nurses and PTs for example are in short supply and business networking sites such as LinkedIn provide a reliable information as to the huge demand for healthcare workers.  RNs and PTs may apply to visitor visas, or student visas, or J-1 exchange visas, even H-1B for those who can get an offer provided the job being offered requires a bachelor’s degree.

So go ahead, Check out the explanation of why there is a huge visa backlog. But come to the Immigrant Visa Center for action. After all, the Immigrant Visa Center has been the World’s Local Visa Office since 1989.

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