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Canada FSW Residency Program Moving Fast

This is the last time that Canada would issue a list of priority occupations. Next year, processing of permanent resident applications would still be points based, but priority will be given to those with the highest points, 67 points being considered as the minimum. And your occupation may no longer be on next year's priority.

June 16, 2014

Canada FSW Residency Program Moving Fast

Canadian Permanent Residency Program Moving Fast

About a month after announcing the new 50 occupations eligible for permanent residency to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), professions and occupations in three fields have move faster than the others and are likely to fill up soon.

Financial and Investment Analysts, Computer programmers, computer network technicians and IT professionals are three of the fastest moving occupations.  On the other hand, 28 occupations have no complete applications posted yet.

Two reasons for slow-posting of other occupations on the priority list are the credential evaluation and English/language proficiency exam. In the past years of the FSW program, credentials are not officially assessed. Simple submission of transcript of records, diploma were sufficient.

This time, all FSW applicants must first obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from designated evaluating organizations.  Of the five designated bodies, three are for general occupations while the other two are for specific professions (doctors and pharmacists). General practitioners, Family Physicians and Specialist Physicians must submit ECA application to Medical Council of Canada. While Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada is a designated assessing organization, Pharmacists are not on the list.

  • Comparative Education Service (CES)– University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)
  • World Education Services (WES)
  • Medical Council of Canada (professional body)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body)

All three (CES, ICAS and WES) have regular and rush delivery options.  Of the three, WES has the lowest fees ($180); ICAS is second with $200 and CES - $226.  Processing times of WES and CES are about the same (3-weeks) while ICAS processing time is 6-8 weeks.  CES’ fee of $226 only evaluates post secondary qualifications. To upgrade the evaluation and meet FSW requirements, an additional $135.60 is required increasing the total evaluation at $361.60, the highest fees from among all three.

Because of the high volume of applications and inquiries regarding the Federal Skilled Worker Program, evaluating organizations request understanding if emails are not returned immediately.

For a free assessment of your eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, email your complete and updated resume/CV to options@visacenter.org or call the Immigrant Visa Center at 02-634-8717.

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