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How to find a genuine RN-employer in the UK

Updated January 14, 2018United KingdomMigration NewsWork Visa

There are tens of thousands of jobs for registered nurses according to UK's Department of Health and approved orders on the POEA website. Yet vacancies remain unfilled in years. Why?

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British-speak for students. How English are you?

Updated July 3, 2017United KingdomMigration NewsStudent Visa

Okay, our title might confuse non-English speakers, but there is a certain way British English is spoken. And when applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa, English proficiency is an immigration requirement.

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EU Migrants welcome to remain in UK indefinitely - UK PM May

Updated June 28, 2017United KingdomMigration News

Prime Minister Theresa May announced today plans to allow EU citizens living in the UK to remain here as residents following Brexit designed to put their "anxiety to rest".

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2017 Guide to Working in the UK

Updated June 27, 2017United KingdomMigration NewsWork Visa

At least a million foreign skilled workers intend to leave the UK after Brexit. Is that good or bad for Overseas Filipino Workers? Find the fine print and details of the current rules in place. (Be warned that the policies are fast-changing due to the pace of the Brexit negotiations)

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Why thousands of job orders for PH RNs in the UK remain unfilled

Updated June 25, 2017United KingdomMigration News

Claiming the student visa program had been abused, the UK Home Agency and Border Agency impose restrictions on the entry of international students, among them those taking up courses leading to registration as UK RNs. Then Brexit came, UK voted to close its borders and the orders remain open.

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