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The conventional long form is Commonwealth of Australia but most refer to the country in its short form: Australia.

Mainland Australia is the world’s largest island - but smallest continent, spanning 3 oceans. Three cities - Melbourne, Sydney and Perth - have consistently made it to the list of the world's most livable cities. Diverse comes to mind when describing Australia - from the different ethnicities, geologic landforms, mix of modern cities and remote rural communities. In fact, an estimate in July 2016 pegged Australia's population at 22,992,654 with the English representing the biggest ethnic group followed by Australian, Irish and Scottish. 

The capital of Australia is Canberra.  Administratively, Australia is made up of 6 states and 2 territories:  Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.

Australia has three time zones:

  • Australian Eastern Standard Time, or AEST, which is equal to Coordinated Universal Time plus 10 hours or UTC +10.  AEST is covers Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory or ACT;
  • Australian Central Standard Time, or ACST, which is equal to Coordinated Universal time plus 9.5 hours or UTC +9 1/2.  ACST covers South Australia, a town in western New South Wales called Broken Hill, and the Northern Territory;
  • Australian Western Standard Time, or AWST, which is equal to Coordinated Universal Time plus 8 hours or UTC +8.  AWST covers Western Australia.

Australia is the world's smallest continent but is the 6th largest.  Its total land mass is slightly smaller than the 48 contiguous states of the United States of America.

Visiting Australia as a tourist is a great experience and tourists will find something of interest the whole year.  Seasons are the other way around though as compared to the countries in the northern hemisphere.  Summer is from December to February while the winter months are from June to August.


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