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Precision Metal Machining

Precision Metal Machining

Red River College, Canada

About This Program

Students considering this program should have an interest in mechanical equipment and enjoy putting things together. Good eyesight (with corrected vision if required), manual dexterity, and physical fitness (including the ability to stand for extended periods) are necessary as well. Students with physical disabilities, when considering application to this program, should contact the College to have a personal assessment.

If you want to influence how things in your world are made, then precision metal machining is for you. This Precision Metal Machining is a pre-employment program consisting of theory and practical training and designed for students wishing to:

  • Pursue an apprenticeship career path as a machinist
  • Enter the workforce as a CNC operator

Course Delivery

This Electrical Engineering Technology program is being offered at the Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg. 


Because the forming and production of precision metal parts is fundamental to our economy, the industry is fast-paced and technologically advanced. Consequently, there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled workers. A world of opportunities is available in well paying career positions with fair and competitive compensation packages. Job security in the industry is better than ever, and opportunities exist to grow and keep pace with new technologies. Career planning could include:

  • Entry-level machine operator
  • Senior machine operator/setter
  • Supervisory positions
  • Quality assurance/inspection
  • Production planning
  • Engineering, product development and research
  • Operations manager
  • CNC programming
  • Technical service and training

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be competent in the following:

  • Applying safe and correct practices when handling tools and equipment
  • Setting up and safely operating manual milling machines, lathes, and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and turning centers
  • Interpreting engineering drawings
  • Applying geometric dimensioning to verify component parts
  • Using basic Computer Aided Design (CAD) software

Course Outline

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Term 1
CNTC-1069 Science 1 2
CNTC-1081 Interpreting Engineering Drawings 3
COMM-1095 Communication Skills 1 2
MANU-1012 PC Fundamentals 1
MANU-1022 Basic Machining Theory 4
MANU-1033 Basic Machining Practical 4
MATH-1116 Mathematics 1 3
SEMR-0229 WHMIS Workshop 0
SEMR-9209 General Safety Training 0
Term 2
COMM-2119 Communications Skills 2 2
MANU-1018 CNC Theory 4
MANU-1019 CNC Practical 4
MANU-1021 Dimensional Metrology and GD&T 4
MANU-1024 CAD Fundamentals 2
MANU-2002 Advanced Machining Theory and Practical 4
MATH-2119 Mathematics 2 3
SEMR-9540 AC-204 Machinist Theory Level 1 Accreditation 0
WELD-1008 Gas Welding 1
WELD-1010 MIG Welding 1

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which document and compares an individual's prior learning gained from prior education, work and life experiences and personal study to the learning outcomes in College courses or programs. So if you think your grades are good enough, apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for some of the courses of this program to decrease the number of subjects you have to take.  Talk to your assigned IVC Visa Counselor or Documentation Officer for advice. 

Course Info

College : Skilled Tradees

Duration : one year

Qualifications Level : Certificate

Fees :
Tuition Fee 12,500
Student Association 105
Health Insurance Coverage 456
Tech Fees 315
Materials and Lab Fees 1,332
Student Services 176
Rec. Fee 20
Application Fee (Non-refundable) 100
Tuition Fee Deposit (Non-refundable) 400
Confirmation of Enrolment Fee 10.50

Please note that all fees listed above are in Canadian Dollars.  However, other fees may not have been included (e.g. airport pick-up).  The above expenses represent only an estimate of what is to be invested in your education and may be changed at any time without notice by Red River College.  Please check with your IVC-assigned Visa Counselor or Documentation Officer periodically for any changes. 

Intake Dates :

The intake for the Precision Metal Machining program is September. Make sure you check with us first though since the Start Date and Term Breaks may vary.  Beginning an application 6 months in advance of the intake date will allow you a lot of time to prepare for the visa application.

Entry Criteria

I am Batman 7

Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations.  You must comply with the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of Canadian Grade 12 equivalent and passing grades of at least one credit in each of the following:
    • Grade 12 English
    • Grade 12 Math
  • As an international student, you must be able to demonstrate a level of English competency. You must therefore meet the minimum scores in ANY of the following tests:
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT): 79 - 80 minimum, with a minimum of 19 per section
    • IELTS (Academic Test) 6.5 overall band score. Listening, Speaking and Reading components must be at least 6.5 while the Writing component must be at least 6.0

While not required, it is recommended that you complete a Grade 12 Science subject equivalent.

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