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Saginaw Valley State University, United States of America

About This Program

This Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems (or MS-CSIS) program of Saginaw Valley State University will improve your technical, leadership and managerial skills.  You should consider enrolling in the MS-CSIS program if you:
Want to start a new career in dynamic IT industries or;
Hope to be prepared to accept the challenges for an advanced position in your organization.

With this interdisciplinary master's degree program, you get a strong foundation in traditional Computer Science and applied Information Systems.  After this, you can choose from a number of elective courses so you can tailor-fit your program as you need to fulfill your career plan!

Plus, for optimal flexibility, you get to choose between a Thesis Track or a Course-Only Track.

See how you can qualify for at least one SVSU Scholarship Program! Call us at +63917.529.8472.

Course Delivery

Classes on the University Center campus are offered in the evenings, starting at 5:30 p.m. or 7 p.m.  Experience leaning in state-of-the-art/high-tech laboratories, simulation areas, educational rooms and computer facilities. All to enhance your learning experience!

Course Outline

Regular Core Courses

You must complete four of the following courses. If all courses in this category are taken, the fifth would be considered an elective.

  • CSIS 501 - Computer Network and Security 3 cr
  • CSIS 503 - Mobile Computing 3 cr
  • CSIS 521 - Software Engineering 3 cr
  • CSIS 566 - Information Technology Strategy 3 cr
  • CSIS 586 - Cloud and Big Data Analytics 3 cr



Computer Science Concentration

  • Undergraduate Prerequisites:
    • MATH161 - Calculus I or higher and
    • CS316 - Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis or equivalent
  • CSIS 531 - Computer Architecture 3 cr
  • CSIS 576 - Computer Graphics 3 cr
  • CSIS 582 - Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 3 cr
  • CSIS 621 - Software Architecture & Design Patterns 3 cr
  • CSIS 662 - Compiler Design and Implementation 3 cr

Information Systems Concentration

  • CSIS 633 - Information Security and Privacy 3 cr
  • HS 550 - Medical Informatics for Health Management 3 cr
  • CMA 550 - Experience Design 3 cr

Additional Electives

You may be allowed to take course(s) from another concentration upon your advisor’s approval.

A maximum of seven (7) credits of the following may count toward electives:

  • ACCT 611 - Financial Accounting Concepts 2 cr
  • ACCT 612 - Managerial Accounting 2 cr
  • LS 615 - Ethics in the Professions 3 cr
  • CSIS 696 - Internship 1-3 cr
  • CSIS 697 - Special Topics 1-3 cr
  • RPW 520 - Writing in Scientific & Tech Contexts 3 cr
  • ETD 515 - Technology Leadership and Management 3 cr

Thesis Track (6 cr)

A total of 6 credit hours of research or project works under an assigned supervisor is required, culminating in a written thesis approved by the faculty supervisor.

  • CSIS 671 - Thesis 3 cr

Course-Only Track (6 cr)

If you choose not to pursue a thesis, you will be considered a course-only track student. You will be required to take a minimum of 6 hours of additional elective courses. You must meet with the program coordinator to discuss which elective courses fulfill this requirement.

Course Info

Course Code : MS-CSIS

College : Science, Engineering and Technology

Duration : Two years

Qualifications Level : Master of Science Degree

Fees :

Estimated cost breakdown/year in USD for the SVSU M.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems for AY 2019 - 2020


Non-resident, own application

With Red & White Scholarship, through IVC

Tuition and Fees



Miscellaneous (books, orientation fee and other necessities)



Application Fee



Health Insurance



Direct Investment



You will be incurring living expenses as well. If you intend to live on campus, you can expect to invest the following per year:



Single room/shared apartment


Meal plan


Indirect Investment


If you will be traveling with dependents, costs will be much higher of course. For the I-20 though, you must prepare the following amount per year:





1 child, no spouse


Each additional child


Please remember:

  • Costs are estimate and are subject to change in July or mid-summer;
  • Tuition & Fees are subject to change without notice by action of the SVSU Board of Control;
  • You will be responsible for providing transportation to and from all courses.

Intake Dates :

Make sure you check with us first since Start Dates and Term Breaks may vary.  Take note of the following important dates for the 2019 Fall Semester:

  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2019
  • Orientation:  August 19, 2019
  • Start of Classes: August 26, 2019 

Entry Criteria

As an international student, you must:

  • Be a graduate of a Bachelor of Science degree in any of the following and cognate disciplines:
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Engineering
    • Information Systems
    • Information Technology
  • You must have graduated with at least a 3.0 or a C average;
  • You must take any of the following Secure English Language Tests and meet the minimum thresholds:
    • Pearsons Test of English, Academic (PTE): 56
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT): 79
    • International English Language Testing Systems, Academic (IELTS): 6.5
  • You must also meet the other general admission requirements of Saginaw Valley State University

Contact us if you are interested in this program but you graduated from other disciplines such as engineering, mathematics, physical science and business disciplines. We'll assess your credentials to check if you can be granted at least conditional acceptance. Full admission will be based on your completion of "fast track" courses at SVSU.

Interested in Applying to a scholarship program?  Call us at +63917.526.8472 for other academic requirements.

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