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About This Program

Saginaw Valley State University's Master of Business Administration program is:

  • Listed in the Princeton Review's Best Business Schools;
  • Designed for faster start-up especially if you are not a business major;
  • Offers a variety of concentration;
  • Flexible and allows you to proceed at your own pace with an individualized study plan.

Best of all, if you have the grades and career experience, you may want to apply for Saginaw Valley State University's President's International Graduate Student Scholarship!

Course Delivery

Core classes will be taught as Hybrid courses.  Foundation courses may be taught online.

Learning Outcomes

The SVSU MBA prepares students with the knowledge necessary to become leaders in profit and nonprofit organizations operating in a complex global environment. The objective of the program is to produce graduates who:

  • Have a comprehensive view of the firm;
  • Are able to use appropriate methodologies and tools for analyzing data to support managerial decisions;
  • Have the creative and critical thinking skills necessary for decision making and problem solving;
  • Effectively communicate ideas and lead a team;
  • Identify the impact of demographic diversity and the influence of ethical, political, social, legal, environmental, and global issues on organizations

Course Outline

SVSU's MBA program consists of a core of 31 credits plus three graduate level business elective courses. Electives will be scheduled based on faculty availability.

You may be required to take additional basic skills or foundation course work if you lack the appropriate undergraduate course work or career experience in some functional areas of business administration and economics or  other basic skills. 

A minimum of 24 credits above the foundation level (including CBM MGT 695) must be taken at SVSU.

Business & Management Core (31 cr)

  • ACCT 611 - Financial Accounting Concepts 2 cr
  • ACCT 612 - Managerial Accounting 2 cr
  • CBM 600 - Global Business 2 cr
  • MGT 639A - Business Process Design and Management 2 cr
  • MGT 639B - Global Supply Chain Management 2 cr
  • MGT 695 - Strategic Management of Global Corps 3 cr
  • ECON 650A - Managerial Macroeconomics 2 cr
  • ECON 650B - Managerial Microeconomics 2 cr
  • FIN 604A - Introduction to Managerial Finance 2 cr
  • FIN 604B - Advanced Managerial Finance 2 cr
  • MGT 601 - Social Responsibility & Ethics 2 cr
  • MGT 621A - Foundations of Organizational Behavior 2 cr
  • MGT 621B - Leadership and Organizational Behavior 2 cr
  • MKT 631A - Integrated Marketing Management Concepts 2 cr
  • MKT 631B - Applied Integrated Marketing Management 2 cr

Required Electives

Three 600-level business courses. If three courses are all in the same discipline, the student will have a concentration in that discipline. It is not necessary to have all three electives in the same discipline.

Foundation Courses (6 cr, unless waived)

  • ECON 536 - Statistical Methods 2 cr
  • LAW 508 - Legal Environment of Business 2 cr
  • MGT 528 - Foundations of Management Information, Systems 2 cr

A Certificate in International Business will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • Electives (five courses, minimum 12 credits, and from a minimum of four functional areas)

These courses may be used simultaneously to satisfy the three courses of “Electives” required for the M.B.A. Students who already have obtained an M.B.A. and who desire to obtain a Certificate in International Business may do so by completing the courses that are not part of their official transcripts. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of the requirements. Additional international business special topics courses can be designated as satisfying certificate requirements prior to the time the courses are offered.

  • ACCT 619 - International Accounting 2 cr
  • ECON 641 - International Trade Policy 3 cr
  • FIN 607 - International Finance 3 cr
  • LAW 608 - International Legal Environment 3 cr
  • MGT 629 - International Management 3 cr
  • MKT 633 - Global Business-To-Business Marketing 3 cr
  • MKT 636 - Multinational Marketing 3 cr
  • SOC 650 - Cross-Cultural Relations 3 cr

Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Students wishing to take a concentration in entrepreneurship must take MGT 643 (Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation) and MKT/ETM 645 (From Invention to the Market) plus one of the following courses: FIN 603 (Financial Entrepreneurship) or MGT/ETM 646 (Research Project on an Invention). Students must also submit their business plan to a competition for evaluation.

Course Info

Course Code : MBA

College : College of Business and Management

Duration : 2 years at least

Qualifications Level : Master of Business Administration Degree

Fees :

Tuition & Fees are subject to change without notice by action of the SVSU Board of Control. Credit hour cost is determined by course level, not by a student’s class standing. Person’s auditing or receiving credit by examination are subject to the regular tuition and fee rates for the course. You will be responsible for providing transportation to and from all courses.

Estimated cost breakdown for 18 graduate credit hours in AY 2016-2017:



With Red & White Scholarship

In-State Tuition and Fees



Single Room/Shared Apartment



Meal Plan



Health Insurance



Miscellaneous (books, $150 orientation fee and other necessities



Total Investment



Intake Dates :

Make sure you check with us first since Start Dates and Term Breaks may vary.  Apply early so you'll have plenty of time to prepare!

Fall Semester

  • Dates: Late August to Mid-Dececember
  • Advanced Registration: April
  • International Student Application Deadline:  July 15

Winter Semester

  • Dates: Early January to Late April
  • Advanced Registration: November
  • International Student Application Deadline:  November 15

Spring Semester

  • Dates: Early May to late June
  • Advanced Registration: March
  • International Student Application Deadline:  April 15

Entry Criteria

Pre M.B.A.

You must be able to demonstrate basic skills such as: 

  • Competency in mathematics, at least the level of advanced college algebra or precalculus;
  • Competency in written English at least equal to the level of an upper level undergraduate writing course;
  • Computer literacy including knowledge of basic spreadsheet operations, word processing, and data base manipulation.

You may be granted full admission by submitting the M. B. A. admission portfolio to the Office of Admissions but approval will be determined by the Graduate Admissions committee of the College of Business and Management.

Your portfolio must include:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2. 75.
  • Undergraduate prerequisites include not less than three credits in statistics and/or research methods.
  • As an international student applicant, you must show a grade or “B” or better for at least one year of English composition or its equivalent.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper-based Text (TOEFL) 550 or higher OR an equivalent passing score on an alternative test as determined by the College. SVSU’s English Language Program is available for students without a TOEFL score or whose TOEFL score is below the required minimum.
  • If you are an international applicant with a three year Bachelor’s degree from an approved institution of higher education, you are required to successfully complete a bridging program of 18-24 credits approved by the Program Director. The bridging program does not result in a Bachelor’s degree, but does allow for consideration for admission into the Master’s program.
  • Provisional students must complete their admission portfolio within one year of admission to the M. B. A. program. The Dean may extend the time requirements if the student can demonstrate any unusual circumstances that have hindered the completion of the admission package.
  • International students must submit Evidence of Financial Support.

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