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Hotel and Resort Services Management, Co-op

Hotel and Resort Services Management, Co-op

Fanshawe College, Canada

About This Program

Fanshawe College’s Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Services Management is for you if you:

  • Intend to make a life-long career in the hospitality industry or;
  • Want to upgrade specific skill sets.

This is a two-year diploma program where you'll:

  • Learn guest and reservation management systems;
  • Enroll in business courses understand what makes a successful business. The courses include accounting and financial management;
  • Develop leadership skills through technology and teamwork;
  • Take a course in event planning;
  • Get hands-on experience in food service operations in Fanshawe's facilities:
    • On-campus restaurant;
    • State-of-the-art kitchen facilities.

The co-op placement also ensures you gain practical experience even as a student. This work experience will help you gain traction in the labor market after your graduate.


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This Hospitality – Hotel and Resort Services Management Co-op Diploma program offers Day Time and Full-Time schedules both to domestic and international students. 

If you are a Filipino Citizen, there is no need to sit for any Secure English Language Test such as the IELTS or PTE if you are going to enroll in Fanshawe College UNLESS:

  • The programme explicitly requires it OR;
  • You intend to apply under the Study Direct Stream procedure.

In keeping with protocol of the college, your application will be given preference if the college receives your application by February 1.  After this date, Fanshawe College will consider all applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full. 



After graduation, you'll be able to seek local and international employment opportunities. You may even qualify later for supervisory and management positions. Your career options would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Hotels;
  • Resorts;
  • Entertainment facilities;
  • Cruise ships;
  • Casinos;
  • Retirement residences; and
  • Food and beverage organizations.


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Learning Outcomes

Wouldn't you want to be the consummate Hospitality Services Manager? Upon completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Adopt a positive outlook and professional attitude to accommodate diverse and special needs;
  • Deliver customer service that anticipate, meet, and exceed individual expectations;
  • Meet organizational expectations, standards, and objectives;
    • Promote and sell hospitality services and products using:
    • Marketing concepts;
    • Market research;
    • Sales and revenue management strategies;
    • Social networks and;
    • Relationship management skills.
  • Support the effective management and operation of organizations delivering hospitality services and products. You will be:
    • Applying business and revenue models;
    • Use basic accounting, budgeting and financial skills;
    • Using administration skills learned during the program.
  • Support and maintain efficient, safe, secure and healthy hospitality operations by:
    • Complying  with relevant organization and workplace systems and processes;
    • Create and put in place, operational policies and standards;
    • Meet legal obligations and regulations;
    • Apply appropriate risk management principles.
  • Use appropriate technologies to:
    • Enhance the quality and delivery of hospitality services, products and guest experiences;
    • Measure the effectiveness of hospitality operations.
  • Improve work performance and guide career development to:
    • Keep current with hospitality trends and issues;
    • Nurture and track interdependent relationships in the broader tourism industry sectors.
  • Contribute to a positive work environment by using:
    • Leadership, teamwork, conflict and relationship management skills and tools;
    • Knowledge of organizational behavior, labour relations, employment standards and human rights.
  • Respond to issues and problems by using and promoting:
    • Ethical behavior;
    • Best practices of corporate social responsibility and;
    • Environmental sustainability.

Course Outline

Level 1 Mandatory Programs
Code Course Credits
HOSP-1020 Hotel and Resoirt Operations 3
MATH-1210 Math for Hospitality 2
HOTL-1014 Guest Relations 3
BEVR-1026 Beer, Wine & Spirits 3
DEVL-1049 Career Preparation 2
SFTY-1067 Food Safety, Smart Serve, First Aid 1
COOP-1020 Co-operative Education Employment Prep 1
FDMG-1115 Service Introduction 5
COMP-1517 Technology for Hospitality 3
WRIT-1042 Reason & Writing 1 - Tourism/Hospitality 3


Level 2 Mandatory Courses
Code Course Credits
ACCT-1104 Accounting and Fundamentals 3
HOTL-1015 Front Office 5
FDMG-1039 Dining for Professional Success 3
FDMG-3048 Service Excellence 3
MKTG-1059 Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality 3
COMM-3080 Communication for Tourism & Hospitality 3


Level 3 Courses
Code Course Credits
N/A Take a General Education elective course 3
The following are mandatory courses
FDMG-5023 Service Leadership 3
FINA-3048 Financial Management and Analysis 3
HOSP-1021 Sustainable Facilities Management 3
MGMT-3081 Supervisory Skills 3
HOTL-5002 Revenue Management 3
ENTP-3001 Entrepreneurial Spirit 3


Level 4 Mandatory Courses
Code Course Credits
HOTL-3012 Catering and Events 3
ECON-3008 Global Economics 3
MGMT-3082 Global Hotel Leadership 4
PLAN-5001 The Main Event 1
LAWS-3058 Law and Risk Management 3
HOSP-5001 Hospitality Human Resources Management 3
HOTL-3013 Global and Premium Service 3


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Course Info

Course Code : HMT8

College : School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts

Duration : 2 years

Qualifications Level : Ontario College Diploma

Fees :

All fees listed below are quoted in Canadian Dollar (CAD). The actual costs for 2019/2020 are still being determined. The costs below are for 2018/2019 and for estimation purposes only.

Program Level and Code

HMT8 Level 1

HMT8 Level 2

HMT8 Level 3

HMT8 Level 4

Total Fees Due per Term 8.303.50 7,993.50 7,933.50 8,188.50
Tuition Fee 6,818.50 6,818.50 6,818.50 6,818.50
Student Activity Fee 85.45 85.45 85.45 85.45
Bus Pass Fee 121.04 121.04 121.04 121.04
Health Insurance Fee 398.09 398.09 398.09 398.09
Fitness Centre Fee 32.00 32.00 32.00 32.00
Other Mandatory Non-Tuition Fees 272.13 272.13 272.13 272.13
Additional Program Fees 370.00 0 272.13 272.13
Co-Op Fees 206.29 206.29 206.29 206.29

The following are other Mandatory non-tuition fees for London Campus day-time and weekend programs:

  • Athletics fee ($44.49, includes $0.50 for entrance/achievement awards)
  • Student service fee ($31.54)
  • Career Services fee (22.91)
  • Alumni fee ($7.33)
  • Development fee ($28)
  • Student campus improvement fee ($10)
  • Campus safety fee ($2)
  • Health services fee ($8.24)
  • Student building fee ($21)
  • Technology fee ($96.62)

Take note of the following:

  • The above figures represent what Fanshawe College expects will be your reasonable international fees;
  • These fees are subject to change. The college will make every effort to provide you with as much advance notice as possible when fees change;
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation to complete externship, internship or practical lab requirements not listed above.

Intake Dates :

There are two intake dates every year:

  • January (winter intake)
  • September (fall intake)

IVC however, accepts applications for an intake date up to 9 months before the start of classes.  This preparation period includes:

  • Ensuring you have a place in the program;
  • Review by the department/school for your eligibility;
  • Processing by the Admissions Office of the college;
  • Enrollment;
  • Processing of insurance;
  • Seeking accommodation;
  • Processing of your student visa application.

The long period will also allow you sufficient time to:

  • Review for the English language proficiency exam;
  • Collate your documents;
  • Put together funds for the initial Tuition Fee payment and maintenance funds.

So be sure you apply early!  After all, you deserve the best professional service we can offer.

Entry Criteria

Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations of Fanshawe College:

  • You must have completed the following:
    • Any Grade 12 English;
    • Any Grade 11 Mathematics;
  • As an international student, you must be able to demonstrate a level of English competency. Your test must be from a SELT taken within the last two years prior to your application. You must therefore meet the minimum scores in ANY of the following tests:
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test with a minimum score of 550 for the paper-based test (PBT), or 79 for the Internet-based test (iBT);
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic test with an overall score of 6.0 with no score less than 5.5 in any of the four bands;
    • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test with an overall score of 60 with no score less than 50 in any of the four bands;
    • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) with a minimum score of 53.


Requirements are different if you intend to apply under the Study Direct Stream. Call our IVC Office at +63917 529 8472 to speak with a Migration Associate regarding this. 


Fanshawe College recommends prior academic preparation if you intend to enroll in this program:

  • Grade 11 and Grade 12 Hospitality and Tourism (C)
  • Any Grade 11 or Grade 12 Entrepreneurship (C) or (O)
  • Grade 11 Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment (O) OR Grade 12 Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions (C)
  • Grade 11 Financial Accounting Fundamentals (M)
  • Grade 12 Financial Accounting Principles (M)
  • Grade 12 Business and Technological Communication (O)
  • Grade 12 Mathematics (C), (U), or (M)
  • International Languages
  • Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE): Business or Technical Mathematics course and Computer Skills course

The department also recommends you prepare for the program by doing the following:

  • Explore the hospitality industry through customer service experiences in hospitality establishments;
  • Experience customs and cultures of business etiquette through personal experiences with personal, academic or business contacts;
  • If possible seek employment or volunteer experience in the hospitality industry.

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