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IVC Immigrant Visa Center Accounting Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Program of Douglas College

Are you really interested in an accounting career but ended up finishing a degree in a discipline other than commerce or business administration?

Here's good news for you!

You can still pursue your passion in Canada, especially if you wish to pursue a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.  Get started with this two-year, co-operative education eligible post-baccalaureate diploma program offered by Douglas College in Westminster, British Columbia.

Students whose degree is in commerce or business administration should apply for entrance

If you have already acquired a Business Administration undergraduate degree, you may still apply.  IVC does recommend though that you also look at the Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting program to determine if that is a more suitable program for you.

If you feel it is, you should then apply for entrance into the Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting program.

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Course Delivery

This is a full-time program for international students.  Day and evening courses, offered year-round to both part-time and full-time students, provide individuals with flexibility while earning their post-baccalaureate diploma.

Please note that you are responsible for your own transportation to complete co-op, externship, internship or practical lab requirements when these are included in a program. Douglas College cannot guarantee locations that are readily accessible by public transportation. Students are responsible for all costs connected with such transportation.


As stated above, the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting satisfies the entrance requirements of the Chartered Professional Accountant’s (CPA) Professional Education Program (PEP).

From there, you may move on to careers as:

  • Tax auditors
  • Financial officers
  • Controllers,
  • Auditors and
  • Financial analysts.

Check your Canada immigration options as an international student after you graduate from this program!

Learning Outcomes

Graduates gain the skills to secure intermediate-level accounting positions in financial reporting, taxation, management accounting and auditing.

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Course Outline

Course Code : PBACCF

College : Commerce and Business Administration

Duration : 2 years

Qualifications Level : Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Fees :

All fees listed below are in Canadian Dollar (CAD).  The tuition fee is CA$580 per credit. We've included the other fees associated with studying in Douglas College as an international student below:

Registration & Service Fee  34.00
Students' Union Fee for 15 units 62.40
Other Student Activity Fees 47.70
U-Pass 164.00

The above figures represent what the college expects will be your reasonable international fees. Other fees may not have been included (e.g. living expenses).  

Other fees may apply such as books, airport pick-up and transportation fees.

Therefore, when estimating your cost of living for an academic year, i.e., one twelve-month period, include rent, weekly supermarket shopping, some meals on campus, electricity bills, heating bills, refuse bills, parking fees, mobile phone expenses, travel, clothing, snacks on campus, socializing, health, books and materials.

As expenses are subject to change, the above figures may be changed at any time without notice by Douglas College.  Please check with your IVC-assigned Education Counselor periodically for any changes.

Intake Dates :

There are three  next intake dates per year:

  • Winter (usually January)
  • Summer (usually June/July)
  • Fall (usually September)

IVC however, accepts applications for an intake date up to 7 months before the start of classes.  This preparation period includes:

  • Review by the department/school for your eligibility;
  • Processing by the Admissions Office of the college;
  • Enrollment;
  • Processing of insurance;
  • Seeking accommodation;
  • Processing of your student visa application.

The long period will also allow you sufficient time to:

  • Review for the English language proficiency exam;
  • Collate your documents;
  • Put together funds for the initial Tuition Fee payment and maintenance funds.

View IMPORTANT INFORMATON about APPLYING for a Canada Student Visa.

So be sure you apply early!  After all, you deserve the best professional service we can offer.

Entry Criteria

Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations. 

You must comply with the following requirements:

  • Academic:
    • You must have acquired an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada OR;
    • An equivalent credential from an approved institution of a different country.
  • English language proficiency.  As an international student, you must be able to demonstrate a level of English competency. You must therefore meet the minimum scores in ANY of the following tests:
    • IELTS (Academic Test) 6.5 overall band score with no individual band under 6.0
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT)
      • Minimum overall score of 83
      • A minimum of 20 in all sections.  Before enrolling in this test let your IVC Education Counselor know first!

Why Study in Douglas College

Study in Vancouver at Douglas College

In addition to being accessible from various points in the Metro Vancouver area, Douglas College offers more for international students if you consider the following:

  • Affordable fees

Save thousands on your investment.  The tuition fees of Douglas College are the most affordable in Metro Vancouver. And instead of enrolling in a university immediately, you can take your first and second years in the college then transfer to a university for your third year.

  • Access to a wide variety of career opportunities.

Vancouver has already been labelled "the new tech hub" of Canada as tech giants have established offices in the city: Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon and Cisco to name a few.  Being centrally located in New Westminster affords you opportunities to travel to and from possible training sites whether to fulfill the internship requirements of your program or for research.

  • Douglas College is a publicly-funded institution.

As of this writing, you may be eligible to apply to remain for one year under the federal government's Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.  Working in Canada before returning to your home country, will afford you valuable insight about working with other nationals with the latest technological advances.

  • You might qualify for a scholarship

Dedicated entrance scholarships are offered to top incoming international students.  And, if you continue demonstrating academic excellence beyond your first term, you may even be eligible for additional funding.

  • There is a clear pathway for further university studies

Join thousands of international students who have successfully transferred to nearly all of Canada's universities after graduating with a two-year associate degree or diploma from Douglas College.  Take advantage of two years of university quality teaching but with smaller class sizes with professors dedicated to teaching: all at lower tuition fees than a university.

  • Be exposed to various cultures.

If one of your reasons for studying overseas is to be study and train alongside other nationals and be exposed to various cultures, then Douglas College will certainly fulfill your wishes.  Welcoming 2,000 international students from 85 countries in 2016, Douglas College has an extremely diverse student body.

  • Programs are practical and applied for a better ROI on your investment.

Boost your skills through a post-degree diploma or career programs designed for you to attain specialized knowledge so you in turn, can move your career faster or go in a new direction.   Douglas College degrees are applied, so you will have opportunities to take what you’ve learned and actually do it – even before you graduate.

  • Enjoy the experience of smaller class sizes.

Major universities can have up to 800 freshmen attending per lecture class.  In Douglas College, the same courses are taught in a class of up to 35 students, resulting in a greater chance for you to develop meaningful connections with the instructor and your classmates.

  • Having problems with IELTS or TOEFL?  You may be allowed direct entry to Douglas College through an ESL pathway

If you are having difficulty with a Secure English Language Test such as IELTS, or TOEFL, you may be allowed to enroll in the English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA) program of the college.  There will be no need to take an entry exam or provide English language test results if this is what you choose.

Living in Canada

The population of Canada was estimated at 35,362,905 in July 2016.  However, most Canadian live about 300 km of the southern border with the United States.  The most populated Canadian province is Ontario followed by Quebec and British Columbia.  About 81.8% of the total population in 2015 lived in urban centers broken down as follows:

  • Toronto, 5.993 million
  • Montreal 3.981 million
  • Vancouver 2.485 million
  • Calgary 1.337 million
  • OTTAWA (capital) 1.326 million
  • Edmonton 1.272 million

If you intend to immigrate to Canada, you would be happy to note that many Canadians are able to identify more than one ethnic origin in their families.  While English and French are the official languages, other languages are spoken as well including Punjabi, Italian, Spanish, German, Cantonese, Tagalog and Arabic.

In 2015, the largest age group in Canada were people whose ages ranged between 25 and 54 years old, followed by people aged 65 years and older.  The third largest group were children, aged 0 to 14 years old.  In fact, the median age for Canadians is currently estimated at 42 years old: males 40.8 year; female 43.3 years.

The government of Canada cares for its citizens and residents with a good number of Social Welfare programs offered by the federal government including:

  • Free healthcare program and children education until Grade 12;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • Social welfare allowance;
  • Pension plan;
  • Old age pension;
  • Childcare benefits.

Canada has also one of the finest health care systems in the world with excellent hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices in almost all communities. National Health Insurance coverage is encouraged as health services may be available free of charge to Canadian residents who are registered in the program.

Income Information

The federal jurisdiction includes labour market sectors coming under federal authority by virtue of the Constitution, such as international and interprovincial transportation, telecommunication and banking.  In most jurisdictions, these rates also apply to young workers although there is a special minimum wage rate for inexperienced employees. 

Current Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Experienced Adult Workers in Canada (Canadian Dollar)

Jurisdiction Effective Date Hourly Wage Rate
Alberta 1-Oct-17 13.60
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 11.35
Manitoba 1-Oct-17 11.15
New Brunswick 1-Apr-17 11.00
New Foundland and Labrador 1-Oct-17 11.00
Northwest Territories 1-Jun-15 12.50
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-17 10.85
Nunavut 1-Apr-16 13.00
Ontario* 1-Oct-17 11.60
Prince Edward Island 1-Apr-17 11.25
Quebec 1-May-17 11.25
Saskatchewan** 1-Oct-17 10.96
Yukon*** 1-Apr-17 11.32


* On October 1 of year year, this rate increases based on changes to the Consumer Price Index

** On October 1 of each year, this rate increases based on the average of the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index and the percentage change in average hourly wage for Saskatchewan during the previous year. Minimum wage increases are subject to Cabinet approval.

*** On April 1 of each year, this rate increases by an amount corresponding to the annual increase for the preceding year in the Consumer Price Index for the city of Whitehorse.

Source: Minimum Wage Database. Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Adult Workers in Canada. http://srv116.services.gc.ca/dimt-wid/sm-mw/rpt1.aspx, Last Visited November 2, 2017

Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Young Workers and Specific Occupations (in CAD)

Unless specified otherwise, minimum wage rates for young workers are the same as for adult workers.

Jurisdiction Effective Date Wage Rate Note
Federal 18-Dec-1996   Workers under 17 years of age receive the same rate as the general adult rate in the province or territory where they work.
Alberta 1-Oct-17 542.00/week For commercial salespersons; automobile, truck or bus salespersons; mobile or residential home salespersons; farm machinery salespersons; construction equipment salespersons and commission salespersons who solicit orders for later delivery.
Alberta 1-Oct-17 2,582.00/month For domestic employees residing primarily in the employer's home.
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 - Crop harvesters employed on a piece rate basis and who hand harvest selected fruits, vegetables, berry crops, or daffodils. For instance, the rate for strawberries is $0.380 per pound and $0.180 per pound for brussels sprouts. The rates are based on gross volume or weight. The rate is $0.1452 for a bunch of daffodils.
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 10.10/hour For liquor servers (employees whose primary duties are as a server of food or drink or both and who, as a regular part of their employment, serve liquor directly to customers in licensed premises.)
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 90.80/day For live-in camp leaders.
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 113.50/day For live-in home support workers.
British Columbia 15-Sep-17 2,319.65/month For resident caretakers of a building of 61 or more residential suites. For an apartment building containing 9 to 60 residential suites the rate is $681.00 plus $27.29 per suite.
Manitoba 1-Oct-16 12.50/hour For licensed security guards.
Manitoba 1-Jan-17 - For employees in the industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) sector of the construction industry. Rates are based on occupational classification. For instance, the hourly rate for a boilermaker journeyperson is $33.40 and $36.30 for a bricklayer journeyperson.
Manitoba 1-May-17 - For employees in the heavy construction industry. Rates are based on occupational classification (e.g. the rate for a mobile crane operator is $25.25 per hour).
New Brunswick 1-Jun-08 - Different minimum wage rates are set for employees engaged in government construction work (buildings, roads and bridges). Rates are based on occupational classification. For example, labourers are entitled to $12.63 per hour.
New Brunswick 1-Apr-12 440.00/week For counsellor and program staff who are employed at a residential summer camp by an employer that has notified the Director of employment standards in writing that it is a charitable organization or a not-for-profit organization.
New Brunswick 1-Apr-17 484.00/week For employees whose hours of work are unverifiable and who are not strictly remunerated by commission.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-17 10.35/hour For inexperienced employees, i.e., a person who has not been employed for more than three months by any employer to do the work for which he/she is presently employed.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-17 10.85/hour For employees employed in construction, property maintenance work and related activities.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-17 10.85/hour For employees in a logging or forest operation (A monthly rate is set at $2,127.95 for employees who have no fixed work week or whose hours are unverifiable.)
Ontario 1-Oct-17 10.10/hour For employees who serve liquor in licensed establishments.
Ontario 1-Oct-17 10.90/hour Students under 18 employed up to 28 hours in a week, or during a school holiday
Ontario 1-Oct-17 12.80/hour For homeworkers. Rate based on 110% the general minimum wage rate.
Ontario 1-Oct-17 58.00/day For hunting and fishing guides working less than 5 hours in a day.
Ontario 1-Oct-17 116.00/day For hunting and fishing guides working 5 hours or more in a day.
Quebec 1-May-17 - For employees assigned mainly to non-mechanized operations relating to the picking of rasperberries or strawberries.  The rates are established on the basis of yield ($0.89/kg of strawberries, $3.33/kg of raspberries).
Quebec 1-May-17 9.45/hour For employees who usually receive gratuities.
Yukon 1-Apr-17 - For employees engaged in government construction work. Rates are based on occupational classification. For example, the hourly rate for a general labourer is $23.72.

Source: Minimum Wage Database. Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Young Workers and Specific Occupations. http://srv116.services.gc.ca/dimt-wid/sm-mw/rpt3.aspx, Last Visited November 2, 2017.

Cost of Living

The following table shows a comparison of average living expenses (quoted in Canadian Dollar currency) across four Canadian cities to give you a glimpse on how much you would need to live in Canada.   

Expense * Vancouver Toronto Winnipeg Regina
Apartment, 1BR in City Centre 1,813.44 1,696.26 933.53 945.42
Apartment, 1BR outside of City Centre 1,357.95 1,318.36 835.78 929.91
Basic utilities e.g. electricity, heating, water, garbage for an 85 sq.m. apartment 76.20 126.00 148.63 194.85
Internet, 60Mbps or more, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL 65.60 62.18 67.71 57.40
Transportation, Monthly Pass Regular Price 93.00 146.00 88.55 84.50
Gasoline, 1 liter 1.33 1.11 0.98 0.99
Regular Milk, 1 liter 2.39 2.06 1.58 1.62
White Rice, 1 kg. 4.29 3.34 4.07 4.18
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 500g 3.19 2.63 2.02 2.74
Eggs, 1 dozen 3.70 2.71 3.42 3.37
Chicken breasts, boneless and skinless 14.86 13.10 11.77 13.02
Beef round, 1kg, 14.65 14.84 11.05 14.23
Potato, 1 kg. 2.15 2.02 2.91 2.56
Tomato, 1 kg. 3.49 3.15 3.72 2.80
Banana, 1kg. 1.66 1.65 2.04 1.83
Water, 1.5 liter bottle 2.54 2.17 2.05 2.42
Domestic Beer, .5 liter bottle 3.85 2.42 2.63 3.23
Meal, inexpensive restaurant 15.00 15.00 15.00 16.50
McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent Combo Meal) 9.00 9.75 9.40 8.62
Cappuccino, regular 4.14 3.97 3.29 4.06
Cinema, International Release 13.50 14.00 12.50 12.50
Pair of Levi jeans or similar 72.82 65.77 52.33 65.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store e.g. Zara, H&M 47.21 43.51 49.06 41.00
Toyota Corolla 1.61 97kW Comfort or equivalent new car 18,620.83 21,800.46 23.875.17 22,670.33

 * All expenses are quoted in CAD as of Nov 2, 2017.  Source of data is http://www.numbeo.com/ 

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